Piano Tuition and Musical Collaboration


Teaching and Collaboration

Piano Tuition

Experienced piano teacher. Beginners through to public performance/grades/diploma for those who wish.

I cover all elements of playing. I especially try to help each student find their own interpretation of whatever work they are studying ... but then to Perform it also.

I encourage and assist pupils to work out technical difficulties from first principles for themselves through consideration of their own finger and hand size and dispositions and what the needs of the specific music are.

Also Theory - Aural Training - and Sight Reading principles and tips.

  • Grades
  • Performing in public
  • Prize winner in International Festival
  • Collaboration
  • I also offer:

    • Accompaniment (including for all grades)
    • Recital work
    • Concertos
    • Playing in chamber groups
    • Recording piano parts for use by instrumentalists playing another instrument.
    • Conductor

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